1. The darkness came knocking today didn’t it?
2. You welcomed it with open arms.
3. Where did you put it? Did you move your light in order to make space for it?
4. Did it overstay it’s welcome? Is your light tired of hiding?
5. The darkness came knocking today didn’t it?
6. Please don’t dim your light to make space for it.



I’m putting the pen down for a while. I need to breathe new air so I can write new things. My ink is telling me pause for fresh air,

But please stay, I’ll be back with newer things, better things. I’ll be back with more warmth in my hands.

Please stay tuned for more warm honey and ocean water.

Love & warmth always,

13 Things My Mother Left Me With.

1. We exist because Christ made us, in his own image. We love, because he loved us first.

2. Self love is the second most important love you must strive to achieve. The first love is that of God.

3. Sometimes the darkness can overshadow your blessings. On those days, say yes to everything positive & play great music.

4. Being a woman is like being artwork, the artist takes his precious time to make you and make you unique. Never forget who you are, not only as a human being but as a woman.

5. Everyone, no matter who, is going through something in their life. It may not be universally big, but it is their big. Compassion first, judgment never.

6. If you cannot say it in front of your grandmother, my darling bite your words.

7. Heartbreak is like flying with your eyes closed. You never know when you’ll land on the ground. Just know, you’ll land & eventually heal.

8. Independence isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes we all need someone in our corner.

9. Being lost is you almost at your destination. Sometimes you need to get lost to understand the entire journey.

10. Money is great, it doesn’t buy you happiness, but still money is great.

11. Your mother is always your best friend, even when you hate her. She is always your best friend.

12. Your intelligence is the one thing you can wear to feel sexy. No amount of makeup will make you feel the way intelligence does.

13. Being in a hurry to grow only makes you miss the joys of being a child. Life will still be here whether you’re 10 or 50. Take smaller steps and enjoy each stepping stone.


Today is slow. The grey clouds
just keep coming your way and the
darkness is serenading your heart
out of your chest, I know. Today
is slow, but tomorrow, will be
another day. Tomorrow, the sun
will dance for you on the earth’s
horizon and the wind will carry
you, so your feet float free and
fast. Tomorrow, the sky will be
clear and the grass will bow at your
rhythm to life’s peculiar music and
beat. Tomorrow, the road will lift
itself up to meet you halfway, the
flowers will blossom and bloom and
send you off with grace. Tomorrow,
will be different my dear, and if
it is not, the next day will. The
sun may not shine each day, but
for you my dear, it will shine,
if not now, soon. The sun will
shine for you.


My love grows flowers where there are
flaws and laughter where there is sorrow. I will continue to pour my love in dark alleys and empty fields so they grow thick gardens of lilies and orchids.

I will send my love where it is welcome
and take it when it is no longer required.

I will send it in poems, love stories and sticky notes. But I will return home, with my love, all beaten down and worn out, unclothe it and bathe myself in it. My love has to be good enough for me.